Walk-In Bathtubs. Financing and Rebates available

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Walk-In Bathtubs. Financing and Rebates available

The therapeutic benefits of a soothing bath for ailments associated with aging is very well documented, but the chances of a slip and fall accident for Americans goes up by an alarming percentage as we grow older.  Mobility issues, lack of necessary safety aids, slippery surfaces, and difficult to navigate entry and exit points can make your bathroom, and specifically, your bathtub extremely dangerous.

Stop worrying about being stuck in an emergency or the danger of a slip and fall with the safety of a walk in bathtub.  Simply open the door and walk in with the aid of safety handles and bars.  Then enjoy a soothing bath that can provide many health related benefits such as:

  • Massaging jets to reduce aches and pain

  • Microbubbles to stimulate and nourish your skin

  • Hydrotherapy and deep soak which aid in a wide range of ailments